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Issue Date: August 2001

The complete guide to MicroStation TriForma

August 2001

Galilee Engineering Design Services has been awarded the sole distributorship for a number of CAD training books by the Australian publisher 'Pen & Brush Publishers'. With Galilee's success in introducing the SofTutor range of CAD training CDs into South Africa, the company was approached by the publisher to market and sell its range of books. These books complement the CDs already in use in all of the major CAD companies in South Africa.
The latest book The Complete Guide to MicroStation TriForma is the first to be released on the architectural discipline of the rapidly expanding Bentley Systems MicroStation range of products.
The book was written by the well-known Australian architect Pierre Dubois and concentrates on the basics, then working through to the more complicated aspects. The book covers the key features of MicroStation Triforma for practical applications in everyday use. Based on real examples, it takes the reader through a journey of discovery unfolding the 'Single model approach' paradigm.
It is written as a self-teaching guide for individuals, as well as being an ideal textbook and course guide for classroom training.
Topics covered include:
* How TriForma works.

* Modelling concepts for AEC models.

* Working with linear and free forms.

* Form construction and smartSolids.

* Using parts for elements in a drawing.

* Creating compound cells.

* The Parametric frame builder for doors and windows.

* Extracting plans, elevations and sections from a 3D model.

* Generation quantities and specifications.

* Printing/plotting.
"The initial reaction from purchasers of this book has been outstanding," says Sam McCammond of Galilee Engineering Design Services. "Comments include:
* "One of the best books around for instruction. Great job."

* "This is a good book."
Other books in the Pen and Brush Publishers range include:
* Teach Yourself MicroStation/J (CD included)

* MicroStation 2D by Examples 2nd Ed.

* MicroStation 3D by Examples 2nd Ed.
Galilee Engineering Design Services also processes subscriptions to the Pen & Brush quarterly magazine ControlAltDelete for MicroStation professionals.
Galilee Engineering Design Services
A sample image and work description from the book giving an indication of content and quality:

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