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Issue Date: August 2004

Durban car terminal completed

1 August 2004

Long-standing Bentley users, Protekon, recently completed work on the R83-million expansion of the car terminal in the port of Durban. Both the design and construction phases were executed by the skilled Protekon team.
The new three-storey facility - which provides space for an additional 3000 imported and exported motor vehicles - is already recording up to 70% improvements in turnaround time since the project's over-rail bridge was completed. The result is that the terminal is now handling up to 170 vehicles per hour compared with about 100 previously.
The contract for project management, design, and construction services was awarded to Protekon by the National Ports Authority in November 2002. "Protekon is proud that the demanding construction program's targets were met - and even improved on - well within budget and without disruption of the existing car terminal's operations and services," stated Jack Davies, Protekon project services project manager for the project.
Davies said the multidisciplinary project called for structural, civil, electrical and geotechnical works; as well as overhead track electrification (OHT), quantity surveying, wet services, security, safety and quality management, architectural, structural and bridge design expertise.
Over and above coming in below budget, Protekon also achieved a Noscar integrated 5-star safety rating for the site showing that safe procedures and meeting budgets are not incompatible.
Bentley technology
"Protekon is a skilled user of Bentley engineering design tools and seems to be carving out a niche when it comes to work in harbour areas," says Tex van Deventer, managing director of Bentley Systems Africa. "In recent times Protekon has done work in Saldana harbour, a car terminal for DaimlerChrysler in Port Elizabeth, and now another car terminal in Durban harbour. The true gratification in our line of business is seeing our clients successfully completing projects and knowing our technology is woven into the fabric of these buildings."
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