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Issue Date: August 2004


    South Africa's first, new International Science, Innovation & Technology Exhibition (INSITE) will showcase those ideas, innovations, products, technologies, services and solutions that are set to drive South Africa and the rest of the world forward into the future

    [ August 2004, News and events, ]

  • SolidWorks 2005 announced

    SolidWorks 2005 includes more than 250 customer-requested features and enhancements that help machine designers, mould designers, consumer product designers and others become faster, more accurate and more productive as they bring their innovations to market

    [ August 2004, CAD - Computer Aided Design, ]

  • Article image
    Spatial document management

    ProjectWise is the most popular technical document and AEC content management tool in SA and adding a spatial component opens up a whole new dimension

    [ August 2004, DMS - Document Management Systems, ]

  • Napkin sketch to production line in nine months

    CATIA V5 has helped the innovators of two products to take an idea from a napkin sketch to the production line in a matter of months while keeping the cost of the product competitive

    [ August 2004, PLM - Product Lifecycle Management, ]

  • What is up, docs?

    DvTDM, the Total Document Manager developed by Practical Programs, and is available from Kinetic Distribution, can actually be configured to force documents to be stored within the system

    [ August 2004, DMS - Document Management Systems, ]

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    Picture it ...

    MarketScope can calculate virtually any demographic scenario for your marketplace, taking into account a variety of factors, including your customer profiles, census information, competitor analysis data and any other set of business-related statistics you wish to evaluate, and v

    [ August 2004, GIS - Geographic Information Systems, ]

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