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Issue Date: August 2004


August 2004

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Come see the future at INSITE - South Africa's first International Science, Innovation and Technology Exhibition
Supported and sponsored by the National Department of Science and Technology, South Africa's first, new International Science, Innovation & Technology Exhibition (INSITE) will showcase those ideas, innovations, products, technologies, services and solutions that are set to drive South Africa and the rest of the world forward into the future.
Taking place between 1-3 November 2004 at Gallagher Estate, Midrand, the exhibition is, however, so much more than just a showcase. It has been engineered with several other objectives in mind: to create an international marketplace for innovation, science and technology (IST) in the context of long-term sustainability; to place a focus on IST solutions for the developing world; to promote IST partnerships for global sustainable development; to provide networking opportunities within the industry; and to enable IST experts from across the globe to identify joint objectives, activities and initiatives.
Launched as an integral part of South Africa's 10 years of democracy celebrations, INSITE 2004 has been themed around 'Sustainable development, innovation, science and technology - the challenges ahead', and is a local exhibition with global scope. Exhibitors include both local and international governments and research institutions, science and technology institutions, entrepreneurs, funding agencies, and the United Nations family of science and technology-related organisations amongst others. The exhibition will be opened at the 2004 Technology Top 100 Awards.
For more information or to pre-register to attend the exhibition, please visit

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