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Issue Date: August 2005

Roland inspiring creative people in every industry

1 August 2005

Over the last 10 years Roland has quietly built up a plethora of products that inspire and assist the creative artist in diverse disciplines. Roland Vinyl Cutters and Printer Cutter combinations have created an unbelievable colouring of the landscape and have increased the canvas area for the visual artist to express their creative genius on billboards, vehicles, carpets and textiles. Roland is expanding this canvas in leaps and bounds allowing the artist new possibilities to colour your world safely. Roland's further commitment to keeping the artist and the world safe has driven Roland to lead the field in creating operator and earth friendly inks, and against all odds has firmly established its Eco-Sol inks as a benchmark in the industry. Pushing this boundary further, Roland is proud to launch its new Eco-Sol-MAX inks in September. Roland Jewellery manufacturing solutions allow the body decoration artist to achieve new and previously impossible designs to adorn the body beautifully. Roland Rapid Prototyping solutions allow the creative design artist to manufacture working models of designs within days of putting pen to paper. Roland Machining Solutions allow the manufacturing artist to rapidly produce new and innovative products per customer demand.
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