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Issue Date: December 2004

Bentley for Mexican water

1 December 2004

Siapa, the water and wastewater utility for Mexico's third largest city, Guadalajara, has selected WaterGEMS, from Bentley's Haestad Methods product line, to manage its water distribution system.
Siapa selected WaterGEMS after a thorough review of competing hydraulic modelling software products. "Local presence, automatic calibration and design tools, and availability of a complete suite of complementary products for sewer, storm and water hammer were key factors in our decision to choose Bentley," says Julio Agraz, chief distribution engineer for Siapa.
With WaterGEMS's Scenario Management, Siapa can better understand and evaluate alternative water distribution management approaches to improve the operation of its system. WaterGEMS's Darwin Calibrator is being used extensively by Siapa's engineers to shorten validation and simplify calibration tasks.
The models will also be used to assist Siapa in formulating and evaluating best management strategies for the network, which comprises 700 pressure zones.
Siapa's water distribution system serves more than 8,5 million people and consists of 8000 km of water mains in the Guadalajara metropolitan area. Some of the older pipes in the network have significant leakage problems, resulting in contaminated supplies and inefficient delivery of water.
Highlights of this project consist of upgrading existing pipes, valves and hydrants, and analysing the effects of expanding the system with new developments. Once the models are complete, a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system will be implemented to monitor the network.
Bentley is also providing professional services to Siapa, including on-site software training in Mexico and assistance with setting up and developing the utility's initial models.
For more information contact Bentley Systems SA, 011 462 5811,

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