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Issue Date: April 2005

Human modelling software

1 April 2005

Delmia Corp, a Dassault Systémes company, announces that its V5 human modelling solutions create, validate and simulate, accurate user-defined digital human manikins, allowing users to consider important human factors issues early in the product lifecycle. Human interaction and worker process analysis helps them to optimise the relationship between workers and the products they manufacture, install, operate and maintain.
Delmia V5 human modelling solutions simulates user-defined digital human manikins, helping users to optimise the relationship between workers and the products they manufacture, install, operate and maintain.
"Digital human modelling is becoming increasingly important to today's manufacturers," says Delmia Corp CEO, Phillippe Charles. "Determining the performance of people in the context of a workplace or a product before it exists ensures conformance to health and safety standards, accelerates time-to-market, increases productivity and reduces design timeframe and associated costs."
With Delmia's V5 Human Task Simulation and Human Builder solutions, worker activities can be created, simulated and analysed through a wide range of advanced ergonomics analysis tools that evaluate all elements of human interaction with a workcell. Using the V5 DPM planning and simulation infrastructure, digital manikins, or 'workers' - which represent populations around the world - perform all movements and activities associated with working within a workcell, such as walking, picking up and operating tools, tracking an assembly line and performing installation/assembly tasks. Once the task simulation has been defined, the V5 Human Activity Analysis product provides a comprehensive array of ergonomics tools, such as rapid upper limb assessment (RULA) (that provides a quick, intuitive and customisable assessment of arm position) that can be deployed to optimise worker performance.
V5 Human Posture Analysis allows a user to examine and evaluate whole body and localised postures to determine worker comfort and performance when interacting with the product in accordance with published comfort databases. Problem areas can be quickly identified and iterated to optimise posture and task performance. Users can create their own specific comfort and strength library for the needs of each individual application, an important consideration in the global marketplace where manufacturers build assembly plants around the world.
Another important capability within the V5 human modelling solutions is the Human Measurements Editor that allows users to customise manikins via a library of more than one hundred anthropometric variables. Manikins can then be used to assess the suitability of a product or process against its intended target audience, irrespective of which population is the target audience.
"Every stage of the product lifecycle has one thing in common and that is people," says Charles. "Our V5 human modelling tools help manufacturers ensure that employees are being used to their maximum potential in a safe, ergonomically efficient environment. And, because V5 human integrates seamlessly with our other process planning and simulation solutions, through our unique data model - the Manufacturing Hub C users have access to a collaborative environment for sharing and re-using the most up-to-date human-product-process data available."
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