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Issue Date: August 2005

MicroStation V8 XM beta edition now available

1 August 2005

Bentley Systems has announced that the XM Edition of its flagship MicroStation V8 product is now available as a beta release to all Bentley Select subscribers. XM brings a series of innovations for simplicity to the AEC industry software platform. The result is a combination of power and simplicity.
"The best high-tech products have a common progression: They start simple, then get powerful, then get powerful and simple," says Keith Bentley, chief technology officer. "MicroStation V8 has long distinguished itself as the most comprehensive platform in our market, spanning 2D drafting, 3D modelling, change management, digital security, visualisation, animation and more. Now, with its new interface offering a precise, dynamic match of features to tasks, XM makes it simple to bring the full power of MicroStation V8 to all users in all AEC organisations."
This concept of power with simplicity is driven by four major innovations in MicroStation V8 XM Edition: structured workflows, structured content, 3D in PDF and an updated GUI and new display subsystem.
Structured workflows: MicroStation V8 XM Edition dynamically applies a specific set of tools, standards, and interface elements to a particular task in a work process, enabling users to work consistently and create consistent work. Structured workflows present users with a focused palette of tools specific to each task, rather than the entire set of MicroStation commands. In addition, an organisation's best practices (along with project, corporate and industry standards) can be configured into MicroStation V8 XM Edition for each task, providing a superior alternative to referencing offline standards, manuals and procedures.
Structured content: Managing and organising project content is made simpler in MicroStation V8 XM Edition by providing users with a structure of their project-specific information. It provides a logical, structured view of projects, enabling users to easily navigate project content, define project organisation and establish and navigate links within and between designs, drawings and supporting documentation.
Managers now have the entire project and all of its complex relationships at their fingertips, making milestone reviews and project status reporting much simpler. This structured view of project information within the MicroStation XM interface also enables users to easily and intelligently manage plot sets and project deliverables.
3D in PDF: MicroStation V8 XM Edition provides a simple way of packaging and delivering project information. With the touch of a button, an entire AEC project - including MicroStation and AutoCAD drawings, specifications, and PDF renditions of Microsoft Office files - can be packaged in a single PDF document. MicroStation V8 XM Edition users can now even include animated 3D models in PDF files, enabling AEC professionals and their clients to benefit from interactive 3D visualisation. These interactive PDF files allow users to quickly navigate through an AEC project using hyperlinks, bookmarks and pages to get the information they need faster.
Updated GUI and new display subsystem: MicroStation V8 XM Edition introduces an updated user interface with improved customisation tools to simplify design tasks. Patented keyboard position mapping gives each user the flexibility to configure his or her entire keyboard, providing immediate access to any MicroStation command with the touch of a key.
MicroStation V8 XM Edition includes a new, more powerful, and faster graphics system that significantly increases view and navigation speed in 2D and 3D designs. This system leverages Microsoft DirectX technology, the same high-speed graphics technology that drives the video gaming industry. Element transparency, support of 24-bit colours including the PANTONE colour system, and display priority have been added to further advance MicroStation's design, drafting and visualisation capabilities.
MicroStation workspaces are now supported by ProjectWise V8 XM Edition, enabling users to manage them in the same way as any other project resource.
Lastly, AEC projects that standardise on the MicroStation XM Edition and ProjectWise XM Edition can use new Distributed DGN technology to support and streamline distributed engineering. In a Distributed DGN workflow, drawings and models can be edited in parallel and changes are automatically merged together.
For more information contact Bentley Systems SA, 011 462 5811,

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