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Issue Date: August 2001

Software optimised for building design

1 August 2001

Autodesk Architectural Desktop Release 3 provides specific functionality and methodology to make the architectural work process more productive and computer-aided design (CAD) more responsive to an architect's needs. Integrating the entire design process - from conceptualisaton, through to design development, and the production of working drawings. The software provides a bridge from the electronic drawing board to next generation architectural functionality, intelligent models, and data continuity across the building lifecycle.
The package provides the capability to easily explore design concepts and iterations using space diagrams and architectural 3D massing models. Autodesk Architectural Desktop has highly productive architectural design features that are both flexible and easy to use. Object behaviour adds intelligence to building components. Wall, door, and window objects, for example, provide a new level of 2D drafting combined with 3D modelling to allow high productivity in both design and working drawings.
Dynamic, easy-to-use documentation features help users complete the design process more quickly. Typically, scheduling, annotation, and dimensioning are time consuming. With Autodesk Architectural Desktop functionality, these steps are simpler, faster and more accurate.
The software is created for the entire building lifecycle. Users can track floor area, maintain assets like furniture and equipment, track asset quantity and cost, and export the data to external databases for the creation of reports.
One of the biggest benefits of the software is that design data never has to be re-created. Once it has been entered into a design system the data can be re-used during successive phases of the design process. It is used in the conceptualisation stage during which initial concepts have to be sold to a client. Exactly the same data is used in the development of a design as well as in the production and generation of working drawings. The re-use of data means changes need only be made once. The management of changes is much easier than ever before.
Substantial improvements have been made to Release 3 of the software. The building model has been extended to include curtain walls, window assemblies, and roof slabs that support fascias and soffits. A number of existing objects, including stairs, railings walls, windows, and spaces, have been enhanced.
When users create or modify objects using the latest release, all dialogue boxes can be minimised with new 'push button pins'. This enhancement significantly increases users' on-screen design space. There are more right-click object options and consolidated interfaces like the style manager and display manager.
According to Errol Ashwell, Managing Director of Autodesk Africa the overall production drafting process is more efficient while users also reap the benefits of design tools that are seamlessly integrated into the architectural design process.
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