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Issue Date: August 2001

Latest version of InRail offers integration with ProjectWise and other major enhancements

1 August 2001

Bentley Systems has announced the availability of Version 8.2 of InRail, a member of the InRoads suite of products (formerly Intergraph's Civil SelectCAD products). The new version of this civil engineering software includes a variety of productivity-boosting enhancements, most notably integration with ProjectWise for engineering information management and dynamic access to information from remote sites.
Tex van Deventer, Managing Director of Bentley Systems South Africa says, "ProjectWise integration lets large project teams as well as small engineering companies focus on engineering functions rather than on file and data management."
ProjectWise functionality provides InRail users the security of tracking, storing and distributing InRail data to a project team located in the same office or across the world.
"We have worked closely with both the ProjectWise team and our users to ensure well-integrated, secure check-in, check-out and change-management benefits with minimal impact on current office workflows," he continues.
InRail is a complete 3D solution for track layout and design of freight, transit-commuter and high-speed rail projects. The software is specifically designed for the rail industry, providing tools for rigorous regression analysis, rail-specific geometry and other industry related tasks. In addition, InRail provides design checks and standards for many rail agencies.
Now completely integrated into the InRoads suite of products, InRail provides the same productivity tools that the other products offer. InRail includes the industry's most rigorous and robust tools for horizontal and vertical regression analysis. These tools, combined with the track, turnout and connection editors, enable users to quickly and accurately resolve complicated rails design and maintenance problems.
Bentley Systems Africa
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