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Issue Date: August 2001

Web-enabled materials management systems

1 August 2001

The Process & Building Solutions division of Intergraph Corporation has released eMarian, the web-enabled version of its materials management software. The division announced and demonstrated eMarian at Process & Power 2001 International, the inaugural software user conference attended by some 500 participants from around the world. The web-enabled eMarian extends the reach and value of Marian, the integrated life cycle materials and supply chain management solution for engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) firms and owner/operators in the process manufacturing and power generation industries. eMarian improves materials management by widening supply chain integration, shortening the ROI term and lowering deployment costs.
Enabling more economical global materials management
From a centrally located, single database environment, eMarian allows firms to concurrently execute complex projects distributed in different locales around the world. eMarian allows EPCs and plant owners to further extend materials management processes throughout their primary supply chain and beyond.
Rex van Olst, MD of local distributor Intergraphs Systems Southern Africa comments, "The Web-enabled eMarian integrates supply chain participants such as subcontractors, bulk suppliers and fabricators into a unified materials management environment that provides economies of scale.
"eMarian provides exactly the same functions and workflows that have proven invaluable in the traditional Marian client/server version. Because users interface with Marian through a familiar web environment, companies avoid time-intensive and costly re-training. eMarian also reduces total cost of ownership and shortens return on investment because client PCs only require a standard web browser already installed on most PCs."
Extending further into the supply chain
"eMarian is an important step for current customers to advance from project-centric execution towards an enterprise workflow that extends out into the supply chain," continues Van Olst. "The new Web-enabled solution makes the proven and reliable Marian a more crucial competitive differentiator among global EPC and owner/operator firms. As a true enterprise tool, eMarian provides a short-term return on investment and makes materials management even more economically compelling."
Intergraph Systems Southern Africa
(011) 313 1222

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