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Issue Date: August 2001

Dental equipment manufacturer standardises its design function

1 August 2001

One of the largest dental equipment manufacturers in the world, A-dec, has standardised on Autodesk Inventor software for the design and manufacture of its products. The North American company purchased 30 licences of the high-performance 3D mechanical design software after evaluating several other products including SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER, and thinkdesign.
A-dec selected Autodesk Inventor for its ease-of-use and comprehensive feature set - two key requirements for its design and manufacturing teams. The company foresees everyone at A-dec using the software - from design conceptualisation through manufacturing - helping it to reduce time-to-market. A-dec believes Autodesk Inventor is one of the rare design packages that allow both power users and occasional users to easily pick up where they left off, regardless of when they last used the software - be it weeks or months. The ease-of-use is a tremendous factor for companies like A-dec that need everyone to be productive quickly.
Ease-of-use and greater productivity are mission-critical requirements in anticipation of standardising on the Autodesk Inventor product, A-dec recently purchased Master CAM for its manufacturing operations. It plans to integrate Autodesk Inventor with Master CAM to automate shopfloor processes. As a result, A-dec anticipates a timesaving of up to 25% on tasks associated with part design, N/C programming, and final manufacture. This will help A-dec remain successful in a fiercely competitive marketplace.
Errol Ashwell, Autodesk's Managing Director for Autodesk Africa, says "Autodesk Inventor customers realise significant timesavings as a direct result of using the software. We know that manufacturers that serve the fast-paced medical and healthcare-related industries feel tremendous pressure to generate innovative designs while adhering to stringent production schedules.
"With its ease-of-use and ability to make customers productive in one day, Autodesk Inventor is the only 3D MCAD solution that enables companies to migrate to a new package while at the same time remaining productive."
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