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Issue Date: June/July 2000

Printers receive positive feedback

June 2000

Shortly after its biggest product launch so far, Encad is receiving positive feedback from owners of its new family of printers, the NovaJet 500 (NJ500) and NovaJet 700 (NJ700). The company's channel partners have also reported high productivity and reliability for the NJ500 and NJ700 printing solutions, which were introduced along with the NovaJet 630 (NJ630).
Customer comments
"We have got some NovaJet 700 users that are able to push these printers to the extreme in terms of speed and operating duration," said Mark Bitzer, President of Orange County, California-based PrePress Supply, a long-time Encad channel partner. "We are seeing major improvements in speed with great image quality. Importantly, cartridge reliability has also improved significantly."
In Chicago, the Freeman Decorating Company, a major tradeshow contractor with 26 offices throughout North America, has been very impressed with the productivity gains afforded by the NJ500 and NJ700 printers they acquired for their graphics department. "We have been able to do high volumes of printing with the new NovaJets," said Mark Kikos, Chicago Graphics Manager at Freeman. "They are very reliable. We need to run them unattended and overnight without worry, and these machines have performed very well without exception." Terry Solomon, President of Digital Werks, Los Angeles, noted that his service bureau, which specialises in business and courtroom graphics, has also benefited from the increased productivity of the NJ500. "I was amazed at how fast we could complete 100 3' by 4' displays," said Solomon. "I expect that the big jump in print speed will increase the capacity and profitability of my business.
"I have received a tremendous response from my customers about the new Encad NovaJet 700," said Gary Lavin, President, Color Systems, a San Diego-based reseller of wide-format imaging solutions. Color Systems debuted the NJ700 and competing wide-format printers at a recent open house. The unanimous response, noted Lavin, was that the Encad solution, compared to the competition, offered the best performance in terms of productivity and value. He also mentioned that many of his customers were impressed by Encad's packaging of a total printing solution, including inks, media, and software. "Many of my customers were waiting for the next printer from Encad," said Lavin. "They are very impressed with this new offering. I expect to sell quite a few of them.
"This feedback from the market is very encouraging," commented Encad Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Michael J.T. Steep. "We designed these printing solutions based on input from our customers and their feedback shows that we have successfully met their needs with printers that offer exceptional productivity and reliability." NovaJet Family Encad has designed the new NovaJet family of printers to offer a range of alternatives for the wide-format printing market. The high-performance NJ700 is engineered for environments requiring fast output and high quality. The NJ700 features 600 dpi resolution, a photo mode throughput speed of 56 square feet per hour (SFPH) (5,2 square metres/hour (m2/h)) and a draft mode speed of 104 SFPH (9,7 m2/h).
The NJ630 delivers 600 dpi resolution and photo mode throughput speed up to 46 SFPH (4,3 m2/h) and a draft mode speed of 91 SFPH (8,5 m2/h). The NJ500 is designed to provide an affordable printing solution at industry-leading speeds. This 300 dpi, thermal inkjet printer has printing speeds up to 74 SFPH (6,9 m2/h) in photo mode and draft mode throughput speed of 170 SFPH (15,8 m2/h). It is designed to fulfil the needs of the point-of-sale (POS) retail signage market, while offering faster printing for graphic artists and exhibit builders. Using MicroBurst99 technology, a new way to control the jetting of ink, all three new NovaJet printers can print at these new industry-standard speeds with high quality results. MicroBurst allows the jets to perform more accurately; resulting in overall improved image quality at faster printing speeds.
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