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Issue Date: December 2005

Return of a classic

1 December 2005

"In such a fast and furious world where cheaper components lead to ever-shorter product life expectancy, it is a pleasure to come across products of such obviously high quality." So said a recent visitor after witnessing the latest line-up of wide-format digital scanner-printers on display in the Rowe Repro Systems showroom in Midrand.
Back in South Africa after a sabbatical of more than 20 years, the Rowe range of wide-format digital printers, copiers, scanners and on- and off-line folders, designed and manufactured by Roth & Weber in Germany, maintain the tradition of high quality engineering and longevity.
Some examples of the old Rowe Diazo plan copiers are still in use throughout Africa - remembered by all who used them, for their outstanding quality and durability.
Today, as in yesteryear, Rowe's range of digital printers, copiers and scanners sports robust machinery built to last.
The agent for southern Africa, Rowe Repro Systems, is proud to be associated with a tradition of excellence stretching back many decades. Says marketing director Luis Roldan: "Even when I was responsible for marketing competitive products I had great respect for Rowe's engineering pedigree and obsession with build quality - our target market being engineers themselves, appreciate that."
Dual controller technology
The Rowe 36500 wide format digital printer/copiers employ independent controllers for its scanning and printing functions ensuring true concurrency and accelerated output whether the user is copying, scanning to file or printing from this workstation. The dedicated scanner controller allows local printing as well as remote printing via LAN or WAN to any other Rowe plotters on site.
High-resolution RCS wide-format full-colour scanners
Revolutionary design in a unique 'plug-to-network' package it delivers a copier-like user interface, the RCS 800/1000 range uniquely allows direct printing to most HP wide-format full colour inkjet plotters turning a digital plotter into a full-colour copier/poster-maker, as well as being able to copy to Rowe monochrome printers it will also allow for online folder control.
Simple connectivity
All Rowe products easily connect via any network or platform supporting TCP/IP, so that the scanners and printers can be connected remotely at different locations, and still function in a virtual print room environment.
Superior software delivery
Rowe delivers a complete software package consisting of scan to file/net/e-mail tools, job submission tools and remote administration tools, all-inclusive with the equipment at no extra cost.
Automatic maintenance alert
All Rowe printers automatically notify users of preventative maintenance schedules to more efficiently plan service calls and minimise downtime and possible breakdowns/.
For more information contact Rowe Repro Systems SA, 011 314 7333.

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