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Issue Date: April/May 2000

Océ 8399 breaks price barrier ... for in-house, wide-format laser printing

April 2000

Océ recently introduced its powerful new engineering printer, the Océ 9300 which is specially designed for productive printing in AEC and CAD workgroups. The Océ 9300’s price tag is similar to that of one of today’s leading wide-format inkjet printers, yet Océ claims that it prints high-quality drawings significantly faster and much more economically. Compared to most other wide-format printers, its plain paper, energy-efficient technology reduces operating costs by as much as two-thirds while offering up to 10 times more productivity to make the Océ 9300 a logical and cost-effective choice for a medium or large workgroup considering an additional inkjet printer.

Two AOs per minute for dozens of prints per day
The Océ 9300 is designed to stay ahead of today's fast-paced, networked engineering office. It is considerably faster than inkjet printers, offering two AOs per minute for dozens of prints per day. It is also more efficient. The printer requires no cartridge changes and prints require no drying period. Its two-roll media feed holds 175 m per roll and the large toner reservoir is sufficient for 500 prints, enabling for continuous and unattended operation. The Océ 9300 is also the only system in this market segment capable of printing multiple document sets remotely, making it particularly useful for printing interim release documents.
Crisp and clean output
The Océ 9300's plain-paper printouts are noticeably crisper and cleaner than output produced on inkjet printers and plotters. This quality is made possible by Océ's enhanced-resolution technology which prints even the most detailed designs with sharp resolution. The Océ 9300 prints thin lines with exceptional precision and visibly reduces typical 'staircasing' artefacts found in other printing technologies. Its high-quality prints are suitable for internal distribution and check prints as well as for external client presentations.
Dedicated Océ printer drivers
To enhance ease-of-use, dedicated Océ drivers for Windows and AutoCAD are available to support the Océ 9300 and other large-format Océ printers.
All special functions of the Océ 9300 can be accessed directly, speeding up and simplifying operation. Océ's unique utility software, Océ Plot Director, enables programming and job printing from every user workstation.
High-end LED printing technology for workgroups
With the Océ 9300, the quality and productivity of Océ LED printing is now available to users in medium and large engineering workgroups. Being a leading developer of dedicated engineering printing technologies, including high-speed LED systems and high-quality inkjet printers has enabled Océ to incorporate productive technology featuring high-end Océ systems that meet the large volume demands of busy job printers and in-house reproduction departments.
Océ in engineering systems
The Océ 9300 is the latest entry in the wide range of Océ wide-format, multifunctional copying, printing and scanning systems, with speeds ranging from two to eight AO prints per minute.
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