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Issue Date: December 2005

EFI Designer Edition - delivers quality projects

1 December 2005

Specifically targeted at small to medium-sized businesses, EFI Designer Edition enables inkjet printers to output colour proofs of digital files that exactly match the final press output.
Print preview made easy
EFI Designer Edition allows one to preview colour separations on-screen, nesting pages, if required, to save money by optimising paper space and ink usage.
Convincing concept
Relying on original Adobe PostScript3, EFI guarantees trouble-free proofing with the broadest possible range of files. User can proof and print in CMYK, RGB and B&W; to adapt to every job type. Greyscale source profiles are supported out-of-the-box. Black-point compression enables full control over shadow details.
Work efficiency
Colour management settings can be saved and re-used with later projects. Using the included Ugra/Fogra Media Wedge 2.0, users can quickly check whether the resulting colour remains within tolerance limits.
For more information contact Aisel Systems, 012 665 0134,

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