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Issue Date: February 2004

Flexible solution for digitising drawings

1 February 2004

Companies that traditionally manage large volumes of paper drawings, such as engineers, architects and cartographers, are always looking for better ways to scan, edit and convert these documents to digital. The preference is for a simple application software tool that allows simultaneous raster and vector editing. An ideal solution also allows legacy black and white technical drawings or grey scale or colour map images to be brought into an effective workflow within the organisation.
Luis Roldan, divisional manager of Wide Format Printing Systems for Océ SA, says "VP HybridCAD meets these requirements, providing software applications that combine raster images and vector data. The result is improved CAD editing, cost savings and workflow productivity."
VP HybridCAD is designed to efficiently process legacy technical drawings and geographical images in a CAD environment. It combines the benefits of raster-to-vector conversion with intuitive editing and design of both raster and vector objects. The software enables CAD, GIS and EDM users to directly access, edit and modify scanned technical documents. Capabilities include direct raster-to-vector conversion and line tracing of coloured drawings and maps, reduction and further optimisation of processing steps, multidocument and multi-image capability.
Océ SA is the sole southern African distributor for Softelec's VPHybrid product family, which includes solutions for architecture, civil engineering, mechanical CAD, assembly drawings, Geographical Information Systems, cadastral maps and electronic document management and archiving.
For further information contact Luis Roldan, Océ SA, 011 661 9555.

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