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Issue Date: April 2004

Effectively handle document processes

1 April 2004

Océ South Africa has recently launched a productive, versatile document system that produces up to 62 prints per-minute and provides printing, copying and scan-to-file. The VarioPrint 2050-70 series is intended for use in both centralised and decentralised environments and can be accessed from the desktop or via the system's secure digital mailbox.
Today's document processes demand highly versatile systems. Systems that can handle the scanning, printing and copying of a wide range of documents, while allowing for the various media and finishing requests of multiple users. Pierre La Grange, divisional manager for Digital Document Systems at Océ SA, says this system allows companies to respond to the various document requirements they face in office, print room and commercial print environments.
"Companies receive many different kinds of input and output requests," says La Grange. "These include copying, scan-to-file or scan-to-OCR of paper documents, printing of a variety of file formats and sizes and easy processing on a diversity of media. The Océ VarioPrint 2050-70 gives companies the flexibility to handle this range of requests. Without ever sacrificing ease-of-use, productivity, cost-efficiency or quality."
The system can be used remotely from users' workstations or at the machine. It is based on open, nonproprietary platforms so it fits into most networks. Océ Intra Logic software, gives users the ability to change settings and job order, reroute jobs to other systems, or cancel and delete jobs. The system has Océ 'Green Button' functionality for walk-up printing, scanning and copying. In addition, it features the Océ Digital Mailbox, which prevents document printing until a user enters his or her PIN. This feature ensures confidentiality and security of all documents.
The Océ VarioPrint 2050-70 is available in 46-, 52- or 62-ppm versions. Speed upgrades are possible, so customers can upgrade the system's capabilities as their needs change. "Océ is committed to providing a safe investment for customers," says La Grange. "Our R&D; is already working on future functionality that will keep the system fit to handle changing document workflow requirements for years to come."
For more information contact Pierre la Grange, Océ SA, 011 661 9555.

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