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Issue Date: February 2004

Dataviewer X gets new name and enhancements

1 February 2004

Practical Programs has announced the release of Dv TDM. "We decided to rename DataViewer to Dv TDM as the name more accurately describes the software's capability," explained managing director, Richard Bates. "This will also lay the path for the release of Dv Office, Dv Archive, Dv Scan and Dv Mechanical.
"Dv TDM is being released with Web publishing and graphical workflow engine. We felt these two features were key to successfully providing a technical document management solution. The product also includes support for over 200 document types and can be used with Microsoft SQL Server, Access, Interbase and Oracle."
"Dv TDM is a unique solution in its ability to manage, not just view e-mails, office documents and CAD documents," said Samantha Seymour of local distributor, Kinetic Distribution. "The management includes the ability to locate and repair links to reference files and the ability to find parts in 3D CAD files. E-mail and office documents can be dragged and dropped into a project allowing Dv TDM to index the document's attributes automatically. This includes indexing the actual contents, which are pre-indexed for fast, accurate searching."
Dv TDM is the eleventh release of Practical Programs' Document Management Solution spanning the last five years. Dv TDM is currently distributed in 24 countries.
For more information contact Samantha Seymour, Kinetic Distribution, 031 266 7027, or

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