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Issue Date: August 2005

Engineer your drawing management

1 August 2005

What most document management solutions forget is that drawings play an important role in an organisation's data structure. The data handling and controlling of drawings is vastly different to that of office-type documents such as e-mails, letters, faxes and scanned A4 documentation.
Very often large and expensive enterprise-wide solutions are implemented without much thought to the CAD office. As a result CAD users tend to find a way to work around a system that can prove cumbersome and very unfriendly to their environment. `Cheap and nasty' viewers are often downloaded which are quickly out of date when a new CAD version is released.
DataViewer's Total Document Management (TDM) solution, available from Kinetic Distribution, incorporates CAD specific requirements for documents that have: unique naming conventions, multiple contractors, numerous lifecycle revisions, expensive native format applications not to mention X-referenced files and large file sizes.
Important features in DataViewer TDM for CAD users include revisions control; the ability to define what the procedure should be when a document is checked in/out of the system; a user-friendly reporting feature; an audit trail allowing you to see who has been working on a specific drawing and when; content searching; a simple graphical workflow designer; reference file management; application integration; attribute linking; and e-mail management.
DataViewer is available in two variants: Client/Server and Web Server. The Web Server option allows for login names and passwords to be provided to contractors. As contractor users, they will have very limited access to what they can do and view in the database, but this also means that contractors can enter their project drawings into a folder and DataViewer will tag the records to a specific user as pending documents who will ensure they are correctly captured into the system. The records within the database can be encrypted and is recommended for the Web environment.
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