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Issue Date: April 2005

Maximum control over display graphics processes

1 April 2005

Save time, reduce inaccuracies in the final output and increase the efficiency of your printing process by eliminating the manual input of colour definitions. Onyx Workflow software from Océ integrates Pantone Colour definitions, offering Onyx users a fully automated Pantone Colour function.
Pantone is the provider of professional colour standards for the design and print industries. With Pantone Colour definitions incorporated into Onyx software, operators can simply process print jobs containing named Pantone spot colours and have the software automatically match output to the Pantone Colours as closely as possible. The Pantone Colour capability extends to all printers supported by Onyx Workflow software including CMYK, CMYKOG and RGB photo imaging print devices.
In addition, the Onyx Media Manager application shows users how accurately Pantone Colours can be matched on each printer, ink and media combination, enabling operators to see how accurately their RIP colour engine can match Pantone Colours before printing. Onyx Media Analyser, a tool that helps qualify new media, also incorporates the Pantone Colour Library, giving operators the ability to assess which Pantone Colours are within the gamut of a media even before the media has been calibrated or profiled.
For more information contact Luis Roldan or Wojciech Skrzeszewski, Océ South Africa, 011 661 9555,,,

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