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Issue Date: April 2005

State-of-the-art technology

1 April 2005

Kinetic Distribution, the local Graphtec Distributor is proud to announce the 2005 line-up of the Graphtec large format scanner range. Not only are there some big changes in the current CS-series scanners, there is now also a monochrome range, namely IS-series of scanners.
So what can you expect from Graphtec?
* CIS Technology (uses LED instead of cameras).

* True optical resolution of 600 dpi (up to 4800 dpi on PRO models).

* Full 16,7 million colours (on CS-models).

* Monochrome only (on IS-models).

* Extra thick document support (on CS600 models).

* 42" effective scan width (43" media support).

* High speed (from 8 seconds per A0 mono at 400 dpi).
Scans thick medium up to 20,3 mm (0,8 inch)
CS600 Series supports the ITA (intelligent thickness adjustment) feature, allowing for scanning of thick medium up to 20,3 mm (0,8"). To load media using the ITA feature, while automatically detecting its thickness, first press the ITA button to activate the function. Then gently push the top edge of the media against the top cover, which allows the cover to rise up. After loading the media, the cover automatically closes to place it firmly in position.
These scanners support a new paper pressure feeding mechanism that can 'iron out' the wrinkles on paper and ensure reliable paper feeding. CS 600/500 and IS200 adopt a new paper pressure feeding mechanism, which helps smooth out even the badly wrinkled paper and ensure optimal image reproduction. Thick media can be securely held to guarantee correct feeding, resulting in accurate scanning.
Equipped with sliding paper guides with a right-left balancing function
All series now have as standard the sliding paper guides with a right-left balancing function, a very useful mechanism when loading media, and has proved very popular by users.
Scanning Master 21+ Driver
Scanning Master series is a driver/utility software for scanning, displaying, and editing image data from a scanner. Scanning Master series consists of two versions: one is Scanning Master 21+ that is standard with all our scanners, and the other Scanning Master Pro Color that is available as an option. Scanning Master software allows you to edit and improve the scanned images according to your needs, it enables you to easily edit and manage your images immediately after purchase.
Software features
* Improved ease-of-use with comprehensive scanning setting functions (Pro Color has incorporated new useful features including four-point skew correction.)

* Improved productivity with enhanced scanner driver/utility software.

* Scanning functions for sharp input.

* Threshold value adjustment function.

* Wide range of editing functions (Pro Colour includes new editing features such as area filling and image synthesis.)

* Supports a wide range of file formats (Bitmap, TIFF, PCX, JPEG, PDF and more formats).

* Supports an easy filing feature (Pro Colour only) (A filing tool with a simple and easy search function that produces thumbnails).
With so much talk of CIS and CCD Technology, what does it all mean?
CIS = contact image sensor method.
CCD = magnification optical method.
All Graphtec scanners currently use the CIS sensor system, ensuring sharp, crisp and clear image reproduction. This technical advantage is further reinforced by a very accurate paper feed and hold technology. Even deep wrinkles on paper can be smoothed to provide optimal image reproduction. Graphtec scanners provide stunning high-resolution images. Graphtec scanners (CS600/500) achieve a wider colour gamut using the CIS method instead of the older CCD method. CS600/500 can produce high levels of precision and accuracy, as well as a high optical resolution of 600 dpi. These are truly state-of-the-art scanners that not only meet the needs of industries requiring precise images such as civil engineering drawings, city planning drawings and apparel paper patterns, but also satisfy the needs of the graphic arts and printing industries.
For more information contact Kinetic, 031 266 7027,

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