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Issue Date: June 2005

New HP Spectrophotometer bundle delivers WYSIWYG results

1 June 2005

Tarsus Technologies has announced the bundling of HP's Spectrophotometer with the range of HP colour printer products aimed at the graphics professional market space.
"Colour matching is becoming more of a necessity in the colour printing market, driven to a great degree by the insourcing of short run print jobs from SMBs, corporate marketing departments and design agencies. With the HP Spectrophotometer users are provided with a convenient and accurate manner of achieving true WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) functionality," says Mark Purves, HP IPG product manager at Tarsus Technologies.
"The demand for colour matching stems from the fact that input and output devices use different colour schemes. RGB is used on devices like digital cameras, some scanners, monitors and projectors, whereas CMYK is found on most forms of output devices like printers and image setters. This means that the RGB colour scheme needs to be translated into CMYK during the output process, a factor which contributes towards differing results on-screen as well as on the printed pages," explains Robbie Johnson, IPG commercial category manager at HP South Africa.
"The Spectrophotometer acts as a proverbial translator, ensuring that the results printed out match the original as well as what was seen on-screen or acquired from either a scanner or a digital camera," Johnson says.
"After the initial set up, the Spectrophotometer uses ICC colour matching as its backbone. This automatically adjusts print drivers and software so that final results are accurately colour matched to an original image or digital asset," Purves explains.
"This process requires little intervention from the user and the results are always accurate in terms of colour. That is, of course, provided that the consumables used are genuine HP consumables, since each of these carries their own ICC colour matching profile," Purves adds.
The bundle is available immediately and customers will find that all qualifying products are easily recognisable as graphics professional products by the 'GP' suffix to their product number.
For more information contact Emma Scott, Tarsus Technologies, 011 531 1500,,

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