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Issue Date: August 2005

Full colour, wide-format print/copy/scan

1 August 2005

Océ's TCS400 is an integrated wide-format copy print scan system that cuts down on the headaches caused by trying to link together products from different vendors.
The multifunctional system comprises a print engine, a scan unit and an integrated Océ Power Logic Controller. It handles complex jobs fast and users can copy, scan and print wide-format colour or black and white all on one system. Beyond the hardware, Océ's Power Logic Controller processes the next file in line while the printer processes the current one. The TCS400 is suited to high-volume colour printing needs, especially those that involve large file sizes.
The Océ TCS400 brings true green button copying to wide-format colour. No colour management skills are needed to make a good copy as Océ Image Logic optimises output for line definition, text readability and background detail. It offers automatic width detection, automatic roll selection and deskewing make life even easier, and because no previewing is needed, everything can be managed from the scan unit's operator panel just as on other Océ black and white systems.
Scanning to file is just a matter of pushing the green button. Océ Image Logic processes the scanned data into a high-quality image that can be saved in one of several standard file formats. To keep uniform file sizes and network traffic manageable, the system supports a limited number of discrete levels of scan resolution. To increase productivity, the Océ Power Logic Controller can be pre-programmed with up to 10 destinations in network directories or even on the Web selectable from the scan unit's operator panel.
The print engine was designed to make wide-format colour printing as easy as black and white. Simple multiroll media handling makes it possible to have different media types and sizes ready for printing. DIN formats are supported, which saves time on trimming. Operator interaction has been minimised. If action is required it is self-explanatory. Clear wizards guide you through printhead changes or print quality optimisation. And the easy-to-use operator panel can be turned to any position for maximum visibility.
The Océ Power Logic Controller streamlines job processing. But the processor really comes into its own with colour. Whether submitted via the network or the scanner, bitmaps are generated fast. As a result, the print engine starts almost immediately, reducing waiting time. While the print engine outputs one file, another job can be copied or submitted from the network and processed while printing. So the next bitmap is ready for production as soon as the printer is ready. The productivity of the operator feeding originals is independent of the print engine and users can scan-to-file regardless of the printer's workload.
As with other Océ wide-format printing systems, there is a very short paper path minimising the chance of a paper jam. The multiprinthead design allows for unattended production in the overnight mode, guaranteeing print quality even if the machine is not being monitored.
For more information contact Willie Viljoen, Océ South Africa, 011 661 9555,,

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