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Issue Date: February 2001

Good news for CAD professionals

February 2001

Cyco Software has announced the release of version 6.2 of AutoManager WorkFlow and Version 3.2 of AutoManager View, the latest updates in what is considered by some to be the world’s most popular document management software for the CAD and engineering environment.

"Cyco is well established as the international market leader in technical workflow automation and document management solutions for CAD professionals operating on a Windows 95, 98, 2000 and NT platforms," comments Aubrey Lindemann, Managing Director at Imaging Innovations, the sole South African representative of Cyco Software.
"A multinational corporation with subsidiary units around the world, Cyco is a leading developer of state-of-the-art application-integration tools which make it easy for CAD professionals to manage their CAD documents efficiently. With customers such as Boeing, British Telecom, Fluor Daniel, Ford Motor Company, Shell Oil - Holland, Nigeria and Kenya - and locally Highveld Steel and Nelspruit TLC, there is no disputing the quality of Cyco products."
According to Lindemann, Auto-Manager WorkFlow version 6.2 is a highly customised document management and application integration software package that manages CAD drawings, spreadsheets, memos, scanned images and their related data throughout their life cycles. The product has extended integration with AutoDesk's AutoCAD 2000i and extended support for AutoCAD Mechanical 2000i Power Pack, Mechanical Desktop 5 and MS Office.
"AutoManager WorkFlow 6.2 allows for the synchronisation of title block information in AutoCAD drawing with AM-Workflow database information, which means that common information can be updated in a flash," says Lindemann. "Creating new drawing files and opening existing drawings is made easy with the tight integration with AutoCAD, while the creation and management of external references (Xrefs) reaches new levels of operational simplicity.
"It allows perfect viewing and fast printing of AutoCAD DWG files and support for AutoCAD multiple drawing layouts. In addition, hard copies for reference or review are quickly and easily generated, so that users can compare old and new versions of vector drawings and also verify visually that all changes have been made correctly. Another unique feature is that differences between new and old versions can be printed."
With its viewing capability backward compatible with all previous releases of AutoCAD, Workflow 6.2 incorporates the ability to view AutoCAD blocks and Xrefs hierarchy by means of the product structure browser, resulting in a better overview of the structure, including components and Xrefs of a drawing.
Its reference management system means that:
* Users can find external parts and assemblies via top-down or where-used search options.

* Parts and assemblies can be selected for a batch operation.

* External parts and assemblies can be controlled even when their physical location has been changed.
A further exciting innovation is the access it offers to viewing features for Mechanical Desktop for users in the CAD department who do not work with Mechanical Desktop. WorkFlow 6.2 functions seamlessly across Microsoft's professional operating platforms in meeting the demanding requirements of the modern engineering environment. It supports Windows 95/98, and best performance is reached when using Windows NT 4.0 and/or Windows 2000.
Cyco has also released Auto-Manager View 3.2, the latest version of a product which provides fast viewing and mailing of CAD and office electronic documents. Users of AutoManager View 3.2 are able to view, print, compare, mail and redline more than 225 other word processing, database, spreadsheet, raster, graphics and CAD formats.
The new version is ideal for a company with a head office and associated branch offices, with the head office installing Cyco Workflow and the branch offices using AutoManager View. This greatly facilitates a situation where, for example, the head office might want to send a drawing to a branch office for comment and suggested (rather than actual) changes.
As with AutoManager Workflow 6.2, users of AutoManager View 3.2 are able to view AutoCAD blocks and Xrefs hierarchy using a structure browser, with the enhanced ability to compare old and new versions of vector drawings and print the differences. Improvements have been made in the components of Install program, CAD Viewers, printing, Internet plug-in and ActiveX control.
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