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Issue Date: December 2003

Advanced data management capabilities for South African market

1 December 2003

At the beginning of November 2003, Laser-Scan and Intergraph Systems Southern Africa announced the signing of a reseller agreement that allows Intergraph Systems Southern Africa (ISSA) to resell the laser-scan Radius Topology product.
This agreement follows an announcement in August 2003 that Intergraph Mapping and GeoSpatial Solutions (IMGS, Huntsville, USA) has signed a corporate-level reseller agreement with Laser-Scan to enable IMGS to offer Radius Topology to their global customer base.
ISSA will focus on delivering added value to existing GeoMedia and Oracle users through the advanced data management capabilities of Radius Topology. The combined GeoMedia and Radius Topology solution offers immediate benefits for mapping agencies and land management organisations in South Africa who handle large volumes of geo-located information which require data accuracy, consistency and fast query performance.
Bill Armstrong, the managing director of Intergraph Systems expressed his delight at this complementary association: "The synergy between the Laser-Scan solutions and that of Intergraph Mapping and GeoSpatial Solutions will benefit many of our existing customers as well as opening opportunities for Intergraph to do business with new clients."
Bill Armstrong, managing director of Intergraph Systems
Bill Armstrong, managing director of Intergraph Systems
Laser-Scan's Radius Topology product works seamlessly with the full GeoMedia suite of desktop and Web products in the Oracle9i and Oracle Database 10 g environment. Radius Topology acts as a 'gatekeeper' by only allowing clean, accurate data to enter the Oracle database - a crucial requirement for enterprise-wide data management. Inconsistent data is automatically corrected by user-defined business rules. Moreover, with clean data, the speed of running spatial queries can often be increased by as much as 100%.
Duncan Guthrie, sales and marketing director for Laser-Scan comments: "This agreement with ISSA represents a great opportunity for both companies. It enhances our already strong relationship with Intergraph Corporation and enables us to work together to explore new sales opportunities and enhance solutions for existing GeoMedia users."
Combined use of GeoMedia applications and Radius Topology provides a solid solution to maintain the integrity of geospatial data in a consistent and transparent manner - regardless of which enterprise application is utilised to manipulate the spatial data.
Intergraph Corporation and Laser-Scan are committed to delivering open, interoperable solutions. The combined GeoMedia and Radius Topology solution allows applications from other GIS vendors to read, query or write to the underlying data so that users can employ the 'right GIS tool for the job'. To read more about interoperability visit
For a live, interactive demonstration of radius topology working with GeoMedia WebMap Professional 5.0 visit
For more information contact Bill Armstrong, Intergraph Systems, 011 313 1222,,,

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