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Issue Date: Aug/Sept 2000

New low-priced product sends paper documents via e-mail

1 August 2000

Hewlett-Packard now produces the HP Digital Sender 8100C, an extension to HP's Digital Sender family of network connected devices designed to enhance office communication in today's integrated workplace.
The HP Digital Sender 8100C is a standalone, network-connected device that enables workgroups to easily share paper based information in colour and black-and-white through their organisations' digital messaging systems. Users such as office managers and administrative assistants in medium-to-large size businesses can easily send paper documents electronically through a LAN or WAN to any e-mail or Internet fax location.
Characterised by its ease-of-use, the HP Digital Sender 8100C meets the needs of today's fast-paced office environment. Professionals that need to share paper documents quickly and securely benefit from the technology because it provides significant cost and time savings over conventional messaging systems such as fax, courier and mail.
"The HP Digital Sender 8100C is the ramp that bridges paper and the digital workplace," said Wim Heuninck, Sales & Marketing Manager, Hardcopy Products.
"By removing the paper bottleneck from the workflow, businesses can now improve their overall productivity while lever-aging their investment in network infrastructures."
HP smart compression technology embedded in the new HP Digital Sender 8100C compresses large colour and black-and-white documents, allowing them to be delivered quickly by most Internet e-mail infrastructures. The recipient receives a standard file format, PDF or TIFF, allowing the message to be opened easily. The technology also provides administrators with the peace of mind that files have been automatically optimised for the network.
"We have already witnessed a considerable improvement in product delivery when sending graphic-intensive files to our film buyers," said current Beta user Derrick Bates, administrator of Microsoft systems for United Artists Theatre Circuit. "Security and reliability are significant concerns within our legal department, and the HP Digital Sender 8100C more than meets our requirements."
Users sending highly detailed and confidential documents are assured that their electronic files arrive at the proper destination reliably. "The HP Digital Sender is a network-enabled appliance that serves as a cost-efficient alternative to faxing or scanning," said Darcy Fowkes, Research Director of Internet Business Practice for the Aberdeen Group. "One of the product's key features is its end-to-end delivery via e-mail, which eliminates the common occurrence of failed or lost fax documents."
The advanced features of the HP Digital Sender 8100C include the following:
* Optimises colour or black-and-white for photographic images.

* Sends up to 25 pages at a time using the built-in automatic document feeder.

* Stores up to 200 000 unique e-mail addresses that can be grouped into 100 private distribution lists and more than 500 public distribution lists.

* Sets up easily with a simple, plug-in network installation that is HP JetSend enabled.

* Compresses files automatically using HP smart compression.

* Uses the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) or TIFF 6.0 to ensure universal file access.
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