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Issue Date: December 2000

Design industry to benefit from Autodesk's support for Intel's Itanium processor

1 December 2000

Design-focused engineering, manufacturing and architectural companies will benefit from the support of the new Intel Itanium processor by Autodesk, the world's leading design creation company. The processor is described as the most significant new development in Intel microprocessor architecture since the 386 processor was introduced in 1985. It includes new features for high-end scalability and reliability.
Autodesk is dedicating engineering efforts to optimise future versions of its leading design platforms to take advantage of the performance enhancements that Itanium will provide. Autodesk software that will exploit the Itanium processor includes all AutoCAD-based design solutions, Autodesk Inventor and VISION geographic information systems software. The Itanium processor complements and extends Intel's existing Pentium III Xeon processors, reaching into the highest levels of computing to enable powerful servers and high-performance workstations to address the increasing demands that the Internet economy places on e-businesses.
Errol Ashwell, Managing Director of Autodesk Africa says the processor's power and capability also complements Autodesk's iDesign concept, which is aimed at encouraging design-centric engineering, manufacturing and architectural practices to develop e-business strategies to enhance their business processes and maximise productivity and competitive advantage.
"Design-centric companies must make use of Internet-driven business processes and the optimum mix of hardware and software to operate their businesses more efficiently, interacting effectively with their business stakeholders - from customers and suppliers, to contractors and colleagues."
Intel expects to begin initial processor shipments for use in end-user pilot systems in the fourth quarter of this year, with platform release and general availability of systems in the first half of 2001.
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