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Issue Date: December 2000

CD management toolkit offers an elegant solution to a complex problem

1 December 2000

Rasterex (International), a developer of award-winning document management and imaging solutions, is now offering its RxCDManager.
RxCDManager is a toolkit making it easy to distribute information on CD-ROM. For anybody needing to distribute user-friendly catalogues, tender documents, archives or any large amount of information, from one or more sources, RxCDManager is a solution.
The CD's produced are self-contained, requiring no complicated installations and no modifications or files placed on the user's system. The built-in software allows powerful database searches with graphical previews to quickly retrieve the correct file using any combination of the registered details, pop-up lists and keywords. Once located, the content can be viewed full screen and printed with full poster/zoom/pan/birds-eye capabilities. The built-in viewer supports over 280 file formats so the recipient of the CD does not need to have the software that created the documents in order to view and/or print them.
RxCDManager is a new, wizard-based system, allowing production staff to keep tabs on what stage they are at within multiple scanning projects. No complex form design is required - users select forms and banners from pre-existing templates and the software creates the necessary forms - both for production/indexing and for user presentation. Rasterex simple wizards make producing a CD easy. Selection from a list of pre-existing CD form templates, selection of a background of choice, a corporate logo, etc and the process can begin.
The task list shows a list of functions to be completed so that production staff can easily monitor the progress of each CD in production. The CDs created using RxCDManager have built-in viewers for easy indexing with automatic zoom to the title block. The viewer supports most popular formats, including DWG, DGN, PLT, TIFF, DOC, XLS and many more.
The result is a CD produced in minutes with full database search facilities, quick views of all images and a full-featured viewer including printing facilities. The volumes can be distributed with the knowledge that those who receive them will be able to access all of the data straight from the CD without the need for additional software and without having to alter their systems.
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