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Issue Date: December 2000

Updated version 6.11 of Automanager Workflow now available

1 December 2000

Imaging Innovations, sole distributors for Cyco Software in sub-Saharan Africa, have advised that new versions of both AutoManager WorkFlow and AutoManager View have been released by Cyco Software.
"This maintenance release of AutoManager WorkFlow, Version 6.11 has, as promised in the original Version 6.1 Release, incorporated integrated support for AutoCAD Mechanical 2000 Power Pack, Mechanical Desktop 4, AutoCAD LT 2000 and GTX RasterCAD 6.0," said Dave Neill, Product Support Manager of Imaging Innovations. "The latest version of Cyco's award-winning CAD and office viewing software, Auto Manager View 3.11, has also been upgraded to support these products. In addition, both products now offer the user the choice to use the licensed Autodesk Object DBX technology for accurate 3D viewing or Cyco's native fast 2D viewing for AutoCAD 2000 DWG. Overall viewer improvements include viewing of clipped Xrefs, better spline viewing, upgraded handling of large raster files and viewing of nonrectangular view ports."
Neill commented further, "AutoManager WorkFlow 6.1, which was released in August 1999, featured extended integration with AutoCAD 2000, MS Office 2000 and document publishing and viewing on the Internet. It is fully Y2K compliant using all (2 and 4 digit) year notations. AM-WorkFlow is specifically designed for design workgroups that require a powerful, customisable solution with easy-to-use features. It incorporates 'Object DBX for AutoCAD 2000' technology - the original viewing engine of AutoCAD 2000 and supports AutoCAD 2000's multiple drawing environment (MDE).
"Historically, Cyco has always supported what is important to our customer's daily business," concluded Neill. "When engineers started to use the Internet as a means to exchange and share documents, Cyco developed the Internet Publishing Tool. When more and more engineers moved to Mechanical Desktop to create their designs, Cyco developed Mechanical Desktop support that was easy-to-use and practical. Now that our customers are upgrading to AutoCAD 2000, Cyco's AM-WorkFlow 6.11 offers integration with AutoCAD 2000 that works the way engineers expect it to."
Imaging Innovations
(011) 285 0075

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