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Issue Date: December 2000

Dow turns to Intergraph to reach business goals

1 December 2000

Dow is now working with Intergraph Process & Building Solutions and Aspen Technology on managing and integrating its engineering information across the plant life cycle.
"Intergraph and AspenTech solutions provide the foundation of Dow's goal to significantly improve the integration of the engineering tools and data used by our operations, technology and engineering disciplines", says Dave Waite, Dow's Corporate Manufacturing IT Manager. "Plant lifecycle data management is a critical capability necessary to identify and deploy optimum plant models for increased engineering productivity, competitive advantage, and optimal plant safety and performance."
The arrangement stems from Dow's Global Project Methodology Automation Improvement Project (GAIP). The project is a multiyear effort to replace Dow's current design engineering products with a fully data-centric solution to obtain a higher level of integration between tools used by different disciplines. It includes both services and products from Intergraph Process & Building Solutions and strategic partner Aspentech.
Dow's goal is to reduce costs for its major capital projects, whether the chemical company is building a new plant or modifying an existing facility. Dow also needs to decrease the time it takes to get plants up and running, to make sure the projects are of high quality and meet regulatory requirements, and to cut risks in the design process.
A key component in fulfilling all of Dow's goals is the re-use of engineering data across the plant life- cycle. This involves creating an integrated, data-centric environment that is built on industry standards and enables the exchange of engineering information throughout the lifecycle. This provides numerous benefits, including:
* Duplicating success and reducing risks by re-using proven designs.

* Optimising designs and reducing costs with thorough front-end engineering.

* Reducing schedule times by sharing information through a data warehouse.

* Ensuring shorter planned and un-planned shutdowns by controlling as-built and asset information.
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