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Issue Date: February 2001

New data and document capture application to be based on future Internet standard

1 February 2001

Kofax Image Products distributed by ImageTEK, has introduced Ascent Capture 4, a major update to its flagship electronic data and document capture application. It features an all-new backbone architecture based on extensible markup language (XML) widely accepted as the next-generation standard for Internet document creation and information search, retrieval and sharing.
"The DDI architecture makes it the only product that combines document capture data capture and Internet-based distributed capture in a single application," says Eldaline Botha ImageTEK Business Unit Manager; Imaging. "It is the only product that will digitise paper documents at remote locations, extract data from them and seamlessly insert the information into imaging workflow and document management applications."
An immediate benefit of Version 4's new XML architecture is the ability to develop and integrate custom programme modules that interact with standard Ascent Capture modules via XML. That means that Ascent Capture 4 can work efficiently in the most complex, high volume situations, where small improvements in application processes easily pay for themselves in lower operating costs.
"Ascent Capture 4's XML-based approach makes it more than equal to the customisation capabilities of more toolkit-like EDC products. And it does it without compromising our traditional strengths against these products," says Kofax Vice President of Marketing Kevin Drum. "And it is just the beginning. Our XML architecture will enable a 100% web-based EDC workflow in future versions."
This fundamental enhancement substantially enlarges Ascent Capture's addressable market. Until now, Ascent Capture has been one of the best-selling EDC products through its powerful out-of-the box capabilities, ease of use and rapid implementation.
The new XML architecture also makes it ideal for use in high volume sites such as service bureaus. It will allow companies to add customised modules effectively and to interface with other internally developed workflows.
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