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Issue Date: August 2001

First synchronised engineering information management and collaboration solution for A/E/C

1 August 2001

Bentley Systems has announced the release of ProjectWise Version 3.2, another substantial milestone in the evolution of its integrated engineering information management solution. Automatic synchronisation of data in ProjectWise with the VieconT project hosting services ensures that back-office project design data is systematically shared with project participants, following the organisation's work processes.
In addition to existing integration with both MicroStation and AutoCAD design tools and Viecon Publisher, this release adds integration with both InterPlot and Digital Print Room solutions. The integration of these value-add components provides straight-through processing of information throughout the design-construction supply chain. Information now moves seamlessly through an organisation's workflow while ensuring the right information is accessed by the right participants at the right time.
Using ProjectWise defined events, project administrators can easily configure automated triggers that synchronise project data from ProjectWise to the hosted project site at defined steps in a workflow, ensuring that the project participants have instantaneous access to the correct version of the data at all times. Project administrators may also synchronise manually, if optimal to their workflow.
Tex van Deventer, Managing Director of Bentley South Africa says, "ProjectWise 3.2 sets a new standard for engineering information management. Bentley is the only company to deliver a solution that eliminates the dual-database spiral that organisations face in coordinating 'behind-the-firewall' information management solutions and hosted project collaboration services. Automatic synchronisation with the Viecon project collaboration service is available today and synchronisation with leading enterprise document management systems (EDMS) will be available later this year."
ProjectWise includes three client interfaces to address the different requirements of all project participants throughout a project workflow. The Windows-based ProjectWise Explorer provides unparalleled integration with MicroStation and AutoCAD over the Internet or corporate intranet. Web-based access is provided via two different web clients: the traditional Java client as well as an HTML client that can be used through a browser without downloading any Java applets. In addition, ProjectWise vaults can be accessed using the standard Microsoft Web Folder interface.
Bentley Systems South Africa
(011) 462 8511

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