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Issue Date: August 2005

Seiko wide-format solvent printers for SA

1 August 2005

Johannesburg-based Eprofile Distributors has been awarded the distribution rights for Seiko wide-format solvent printers for South Africa. Tim Finch, sales and marketing director of Eprofile, regards this as a milestone for the company, whose other products include Epson and CGS.
"Solvent inkjet printers are making their mark in a big way in the US and Europe and we are very excited to be able to pioneer the Seiko product in South Africa, and see similar growth here."
The product is known as the ColorPainter 64S, a 64-inch wide printer employing six new industrial piezo inkjet heads, featuring 512 nozzles per colour for a total of 3072 nozzles.
"Seiko traditionally made components for OEM companies and have only relatively recently started branding themselves in the large format arena. Seiko also owns Epson, another of our hugely successful distributorships, so a massive range of product is encompassed. Seiko did the deal with us in the same way they did in Europe, in appointing the Epson distributor as sole Seiko wide-format solvent distributors," says Finch.
"That had a lot to do with us being given the rights but I also believe it was because of our knowledge and experience that we have had in South Africa with Epson in the large format graphic arts industry, and the huge success that we have had with these products, not only from a poster perspective, but also from a proofing perspective."
Finch says that the product will be marketed by allied company Colour Corporate.
He says that the company had been looking to break into the solvent-based inkjet market for some time and always had its eyes on the Seiko ColorPainter 64S.
"A lot of research has been done by our client base and they are very excited that we have this product on board. We know that we have some major advantages in terms of RIP support (we will be marketing this with a variation of RIPs) and colour management. Combine that with what we believe to be the best product of its class and you really have a winner. The great advantage of solvent inks is that you can print on uncoated substrates, which opens up an enormous range of possibilities."
He says that a team from Europe had been over recently conducting training programmes.
"We have a very strong technical back-up and maintenance support team which will ensure the successful launch and maintenance of units purchased from Colour Corporate."
For more information contact Eprofile Distributors, 011 602 0800.

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