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Issue Date: February 2003

ArcGIS Schematics launched

February 2003

ArcGIS Schematics is a software solution integrated with ESRI geographic information system (GIS) software, allowing network geographic and schematic representations to be visualised and controlled in the same environment. ArcGIS Schematics delivers tools that allow one to automatically generate a graphic representation of a network using its associated database information. It is also a high-end development platform that one can use to rapidly build a variety of custom graphic applications for a network information system. With its advanced functionalities, network graphs and diagrams can be produced on the fly.
ArcGIS Schematics allows one to generate views and analyse networks in geographical, schematic and geoschematic layouts. ArcGIS Schematics is a Windows-based solution that meets the utility industry's need for schematically viewing and manipulating network data.
Powered by a set of configuration files and its data-driven graphics philosophy, ArcGIS Schematics is able to generate schematics from the current state of the GIS network data. This means that ArcGIS Schematics offers a high degree of flexibility and is not limited by the evolution of the data model and by changing database locations.
Included with the ArcGIS Schematics product is ArcGIS Schematics Designer, a graphical user interface (GUI) based design tool that supports configuration and customisation of ArcGIS Schematics; ArcGIS Schematics Designer allows workspace parameters file building.
Also included with ArcGIS Schematics is a set of standard schematic layout algorithms ready to use with network data. ArcGIS Schematics can be customised to support user-specific layout algorithms.
For more information contact GIMS on 011 695 0400.

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