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Issue Date: October 2005

ArcIMS 9.1 Route Server - routing and geocoding

1 October 2005

ESRI, a leader in geographic information system (GIS) technology, recently announced that ArcIMS 9.1 Route Server, the latest version of ESRI's routing extension to ArcIMS, is now shipping. This new version is compatible with ArcIMS 9.1, which was released in May 2005.
ArcIMS Route Server offers fast and accurate routing capabilities within the Internet Mapping Environment. It lets users perform rapid cross-country routing, set routing preferences (freeway preferences, shortest route or fastest route) and use precision settings to fine-tune results.
A key enhancement to ArcIMS Route Server is the ability to handle complex turn restrictions (for example, conditional manoeuvres such as when a left turn is allowed but a left turn followed by a right turn is not allowed).
ArcIMS Route Server includes:
* Calculation of optimal routes based on time, distance and freeway preferences.

* Point-to-point driving directions.

* Accommodation of multiple stops along a route.

* Ability to use precision setting to fine-tune results.

* Geocoding and reverse geocoding.
Use ArcIMS Route Server with a variety of clients from standard desktop or browser-based clients to custom browser, desktop or wireless applications. To get up and running quickly, ArcIMS developers can use the sample application included with the software, or they can choose to build their own custom solutions with .NET, Java, Active Server Pages (ASP), Java Server Pages (JSP), ColdFusion or ArcXML - a GIS extension to standard eXtensible Markup Language (XML).
ArcIMS Route Server in conjunction with ArcIMS is a complete solution and is available in three variations, based on the geographic extent of the specific business. The data packaged with the solution is specially optimised for high-speed geocoding and routing. These are for users who are either based within a municipality, a province or within the borders of RSA. This allows a customer to be up and within a day using this commercial off-the-shelf routing solution.
As a valuable addition to any ArcIMS software-powered website, GIMS has sold ArcIMS Route Server to three major metropolitan municipalities. ArcIMS Route Server will be integrated within their intranet and/or Internet websites. These websites will be used to optimally route service providers (ie, work crews) throughout the municipalities, as well as provide routing and address locations to all citizens of the municipality. This adds a new level of service provision from the traditional web-enabled mapping environment.
For more information contact GIMS, 011 695 0400.

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