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Issue Date: August 2005

Incredible Connection powers navigation tools

1 August 2005

Incredible Connection has introduced itself to full-service navigation on a PDA (personal digital assistant).
For the first time in South Africa, Incredible Connection, through its Acer brand, has brought to market a PDA with built-in GPS, using the unrivalled digital mapping from MapIT.
Digital map innovator, MapIT, is proud to have been chosen by Incredible Connection to provide the maps for Incredible Connection's navigational products.
Its relationship with Acer is built on a solid foundation and this worldwide name in computing represents the basis of Incredible Connection's in-house branding for notebook and handheld devices.
Acer handhelds feature the fastest processing strength available today and make them excellent multitasking tools. As such, Incredible Connection has decided to combine these strengths with the unmatched electronic mapping technology available for Africa. MapIT's e-maps are fast becoming the de facto standard for mapping on this continent and now offer the opportunity for a complete navigation solution from the Acer N53, on the shelves at Incredible Connection right now.
Acer's sleek and smart-looking handhelds do wonders for one's image, while providing the perfect blend of mobility and performance; powered by MapIT - a formula for perfection.
Loading from an SD (secure digital), card the 'DigiNav' product from MapIT's Map and Travel mapping collection, loads in minutes and offers superior accuracy in all major urban areas, as well as a comprehensive data set for the rest of South Africa.
For more information contact Map Integration Technologies, 012 345 8015,,

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