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Issue Date: February 2004

More support for Russian land reform program

1 February 2004

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions and Z/I Imaging, have signed a contract worth US$2,5 million with the Federal Land Cadastre Service (FLCS) ministry of Russia.
The solution provided by Intergraph will be specifically used to support the Land Reform Implementation Support (LARIS) project. LARIS is the Russian Government's large-scale land cadastre development program supported by a loan from the World Bank. Intergraph will provide FLCS with more than 20 copies of the ImageStation Stereo Softcopy Kits (SSK) from Z/I Imaging for photogrammetry, along with mapping and GIS solutions that include GeoMedia products, services, training and support to expand their cadastral mapping system.
The FLCS is responsible for the State Land Cadastre for the Russian Federation, including overall system design, development, implementation and maintenance of the land cadastre and development of standardised solutions to support the system. With this new LARIS project contract, the FLCS reaffirms Intergraph as their partner in the development of its cadastre and continues a successful 10-year relationship.
Currently, Russian Federation regions of N. Novgorod, Perm, Moscow, St. Peters-burg, Krasnodar and Omsk use the computer-assisted cadastral mapping system (CACMS) developed by the FLCS using Intergraph software as the backbone of modern production facilities that supply cadastral maps and orthophoto plans to land management authorities. The new contract will allow the FLCS to expand their automated cadastral cartography system with a focus on photogrammetric data capture.
Intergraph will provide a complete integrated system for photogrammetric data collection, orthophoto map production, map digitising, digital map processing and map publishing for the region of Khabarovsk, as well as additional equipment for N. Novgorod, Perm and Moscow.
Z/I Imaging's ImageStation SSK provides a robust feature set to transform the organisation's conventional PCs into low-cost, high performance photogrammetry workstations for managing photogrammetric files, displaying stereo images, collecting data features, model set-up and collecting digital terrain models.
This system expansion will enable the FLCS to continue development of cadastral maps for land and property registration and management, supporting land reform throughout the Russian Federation.
For more information contact Pat Thomson, Intergraph Systems Southern Africa, 011 313 1222,

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