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Issue Date: December 2004

Mozambique data capturing process for pre-paid vending

1 December 2004

Local Bentley Geospatial partner, GRID, is involved in projects in Mozambique to capture electricity grid data for existing and potential electrical consumers in Matola, a town next to Maputo. Sub-meter accurate GPSs are used to survey the Matola district and capture all existing electrical consumers with GPS coordinates and consumer information. A unique sticker number gets generated which is then attached to the electricity meter for identification and billing purposes.
After verification all the captured information is built up in a relational database which is linked to a geographical information system (GIS) in Bentley MicroStation GeoGraphics format. The GIS will be used by the engineers to do planning according to transformer area sizes and the allocation of pole boxes. The information will be used for the installation of the new electricity network, a pre-paid vending system owned and operated by the electricity operator of Mozambique, Electricidade de Mocambique.
In a country such as Mozambique, still rebuilding after decades of civil war, having the GPS coordinates for consumers is the only way to pinpoint the consumer for maintenance or billing purposes.
GRID is also involved in the development of handheld applications for the capturing exercise. Handheld PDAs running Pocket PC (old Windows CE) can be connected to any standard GPS or even a wireless Bluetooth GPS running software which indicates the position of the consumer on an electronic map with the GPS position on the handheld device. After the initial capturing process the verifier can therefore locate the consumers and change attribute information.
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