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Issue Date: February 2005

Geosystems Africa officially launched

1 February 2005

October 2004 saw the official launch of Geosystems Africa and the premiere of the System 1200.
Geosystems Africa was formed in June 2004 as an independent company and as the new Leica Geosystems partner for southern Africa. The primary objective of Geosystems Africa is to establish and improve sales, support and technical excellence for the measurement industry in South Africa.
Leica Geosystems recently opened its African Office in South Africa, further reinforcing its commitment.
Leica's standing in the survey industry was reiterated by the launch of System 1200. This innovative system has drawn GPS and Total Station technology onto a common platform. Since both share the same operating system and databases, total interoperability is made possible. This convergence has given birth to cross functionality or as Leica describes it, the X Function.
X Function is not the only achievement, both the GPS and TPS as individual products have made their mark too. GPS1200 is a true 20 Hz system offering incredible accuracy and reliability. This is achieved by Max Accuracy and Smart Check technology that re-computes ambiguity resolution every six seconds to be able to update a user's position every 0,02 seconds. TPS1200 combines traditional infrared EDM with phase-based long range reflectorless at equal accuracy. These options are available as friction-based mechanical, servo driven motorised or unguided robotic with an option to find a prism in under five seconds.
The SR20 caused quite a stir amongst the land and topographical surveyors as an entry-level centimetre accuracy GPS system. This system is perfect for bringing in distant control points and doing terrain surveys with the ease of use coding system onboard.
Looking into the future, Leica has redefined 3D laser scanning by launching High Definition Surveying (HDS), a unique new product group that accesses new markets for its existing client base. As the name implies, the scanner captures thousands of points per second to create a cloud of points that recreates a 3D virtual object. The Leica HDS3000 scanner scans a 360° x 270° field of view up to a distance of 200 m at 3 mm accuracy. An onboard camera compiles a mosaicked image, which can then be assigned to the corresponding point in the point cloud to render the true 3D photo realistic scene.
For more information contact Geosystems Africa, 011 691 6700.

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