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Issue Date: April 2005

What if total stations could talk to satellites?

1 April 2005

Heerbrugg/Switzerland: Leica Geosystems introduces SmartStation, the world's first high performance total station with integrated GPS. With this innovation, Leica Geosystems has reached another milestone in the success story of the Leica System 1200 product family. The revolutionary surveying system that combines TPS and GPS in one instrument can reduce the time required for setup and orientation by up to 80%. This increases the user's productivity and profits.
In addition, both TPS and GPS can be used as standalone systems: the SmartAntenna can be used as an RTK rover (realtime kinematic rover) on a pole and the total station can be used alone with full functionality.
With SmartStation position coordinates can be determined at the touch of a key - control points, traverses and resections are no longer necessary. SmartStation can be set up wherever convenient and upon pressing the GPS key SmartStation does the rest. RTK determines the position to centimetre accuracy within a few seconds at ranges up to 50 km from a reference station.
GPS is fully integrated in the total station. With the entire software in the total station, all TPS and GPS operations are controlled via the TPS keyboard. All data are stored in the same database on the same CompactFlash card. One storage media, one display, one battery - no need for cables, external battery, datalogger etc. Everything is integrated perfectly into one compact unit.
SmartStation's modular design offers high flexibility: the equipment can be used in any desired way. SmartStation is an ideal tool to determine the station position. Once SmartStation is positioned, the SmartAntenna can be removed and be used as a fully-fledged RTK rover - together with an RX1210 controller and a GTX1230 sensor.
For more information contact Geosystems Africa, 011 691 6700.

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