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Issue Date: August 2001

Bentley releases Viecon Publisher

1 August 2001

Bentley Systems has announced the release of Viecon Publisher for organisations that create or manage engineering drawings, maps, other geoengineering data and images. Tex van Deventer, Managing Director of Bentley South Africa says, "Expanded access to engineering data provides tremendous benefits to any organisation that sends, receives or works with geoengineering, GIS, mapping, images or engineering drawings. Viecon Publisher provides secure, instant and universal access to valuable data, without requiring changes to existing workflows."
With Viecon Publisher, engineering data and documents are published directly from where they are managed to the requesting remote client, without requiring any pre-publishing, conversion or administrative intervention on the server side, and without interrupting the work of the design team. The technical architecture of Viecon Publisher is such that it can serve huge images to clients over modem connections, without compromising access or navigation speed. No specialised software is required at the client side; only a standard web browser is needed. Moreover, because the original file is not transferred to the viewing client, information security is enhanced and network traffic is minimised.
Using Viecon Publisher, personnel can view engineering drawings remotely, without requiring the native CAD application. Using a standard browser, a project member can measure distances and areas and review and mark up drawings by adding standard drawing elements such as lines, circles, shapes and notes. In addition, users can get high-quality printouts of any published document on any printer, with scale control.
As part of an integrated Viecon solution, Viecon Publisher provides dynamic engineering data publishing in conjunction with ProjectWise and other Bentley products. Viecon Publisher is available as part of a complete engineering information management solution, or as a standalone data publishing server that can be integrated into other systems.
Bentley Systems South Africa
(011) 462 5811

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