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Issue Date: August 2001

Intergraph provides innovative GIS solution

1 August 2001

Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions announced that the Livestock Improvement Corporation in New Zealand has selected GeoMedia WebEnterprise as its first spatially based information system for the company's on-farm artificial breeding (AB) service.
After an extensive evaluation of all current and third-party spatial software providers, Livestock Improvement chose GeoMedia WebEnterprise because the Intergraph New Zealand team demonstrated that the software can achieve significant gains in efficiency and cost savings. Further gains are predicted when Livestock Improvement applies the software to other areas of its business such as herd testing.
Livestock Improvement offers dairy farmers in New Zealand an on-farm AB service that provides technicians who visit farms daily to inseminate cows. In the quest to improve the efficiency of its service, Livestock Improvement has embraced the concept of web-enabled spatial software that links to multiple datasets and produces maps of optimised travelling routes for its technicians nationwide.
GeoMedia WebEnterprise enables Livestock Improvement employees to produce realtime maps over the web. Users can view multiple datasets in various formats, integrating disparate GIS data sources without translation. Using GeoMedia WebEnterprise, Livestock Improvement will generate optimised travel routes daily for its 1200 technicians, displaying the routes against a topographic map and including driving directions and trip summary reports.
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